Patchwork Template Catalogue

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All sizes are measured on the smaller (inner) part of the template. This is the size that your final patch will be. Regular shaped templates are measured along the edge of the template. The “Mitre” template is measured along the bottom (shortest) edge. The “Shell” template is measured across the widest part of the shell. Please click here for more information.

Hexagon Patchplate


Octagon Patchplate


When using the Octagon you will also need a square of the same size to complete your design.

Diamond Patchplate


Pointed Diamond Patchplate

Pointed Diamond

Shell Patchplate


Square Patchplate


Triangle Patchplate


Pointed Hexagon Patchplate

Pointed Hexagon

Mitre Patchplate


Cathedral Window Patchplate

Cathedral Window

Set of 2 metal templates, one 6.25 inches square and the other 1.5 inches square for accurate cutting of fabric for Cathedral Window patchwork

Set of 3 metal strips Patchplate

Set of 3 metal strips

Set of templates 1 inch, 1.5 inches & 2 inches wide and approx. 18 inches long. For seminole, Log Cabin or any work needing accurately cut strips.

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