Shell patchwork templateOur Patchplates

All of our patchplates are hand made from metal. No matter how many times you use them they will not go out of shape and can not be accidentally cut or damaged.

Choose from a selection of popular shapes available in a variety of sizes, or if you have a particular requirement please take a look at our bespoke patchplates page and we may be able to help

How to use your patchplates

Every template is made up of two parts - a smaller inner shape and a larger outer shape

Cut out the shape using the smaller template


1. Using the smaller template, cut out the shape from stiff paper.

Cut out the shaop from your fabric


2. Using the larger template, cut out the shape from your fabric.

Tack all round

3. Place the paper shapes on the back of the fabric patches. Turn the edges of the fabric over and tack all round, taking extra care at the corners.

Join the patches4. Join the patches together with neat, firm, over-sewing stitches on the wrong side.

When you have joined the patches the paper shapes can be removed by pressing them out.